Our goal at Nerv+ is to unlock extraordinary science by translating it into simple, accessible health solutions. We have made remarkable advancements in mental health medicine and therapy but while these solutions are great, they simply aren’t doing much good for roughly 66% of people who need them but cannot access them. Taking a look at the reasons behind this mismatch, we found three major barriers: cost, stigma, and accessibility. By tackling these common frustrations head on, we craft simple solutions that fit in your pocket.

Each one of our products starts with a hypothesis that addresses specific problem we encountered in the behavioral health space. then develop multiple testable predictions to conceptualize novel solutions. from this will working prototype can use gather data and test hypothesis. testing is conducted three rounds first amongst small group pre-alpha developers run focus groups potential users consisting diverse participants. finally roughly target demographic understand variety needs scenarios. all helps us refine alter expand or reject initial hypothesis.

Every Nerv+ product is a collaborative effort by a team of neuroscientists, engineers, computer scientists, mental health experts, designers, and you! Our products are custom tailored to fit a self-care lifestyle centered on self-love, healthy eating, and empowerment. Together, our work creates solutions that cut down barriers and come through for all of us.