To create healthy, affordable and effective nootropic solutions, so you can be the best you.


We were born from necessity in 2016 when our award-winning neuroscientist invented a solution to help fellow students manage their stress and anxiety. And it worked. From 1 product in 1 market, we have grown to offer multiple products, with national distribution, and customers in over 26 countries.

We have a great team and we are growing, fast. We are united in our mission to deliver the best, most affordable and ethical over-the-counter solutions.

We don’t believe in products with empty promises in pretty packaging. The world has too many of them already. We believe in clear words, real results and standing behind our science. This is why over 90% of consumers who tested our products became repeat customers, with 75% recommending us to friends.

We choose to respect people and we know Nerv+ can make a really big difference in a lot of lives. That’s the real reason we’re doing this.

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