Become a confidence speaker.

People would rather die than speak in front of a crowd. The same sense of dread can strike when asked to give a presentation at work or school. As if having to memorize a speech wasn’t hard enough, having to also picture the audience naked hardly makes it easier. Fear of public speaking arises in a brain structure called the amygdala.

The amygdala is that little devil that appears on your shoulder telling you that you’re not good enough or that you should just give up. If only there was a way to shut it up so we could focus on remembering our lines. That’s where Nerv comes in. Drinking a bottle of Nerv puts a layer of duct tape over the mouth of the proverbial devil by reducing activity in the amygdala. Winning back control from a hyperactive amygdala helps uncover a sense of confidence that was hidden under a veil of fear.


 Get to sleep on time.

It is so easy to feel tired and crawl into bed only to have your mind start racing. Our brains decide against our will that laying in bed is the perfect time to dredge up our worries from the past and concerns about the future. It gets worse with every minute that passes until the stress of losing sleep makes it harder and harder to settle down and actually sleep.

A hyperactive stress response during the day can culminate in this cycle of restlessness every night. All of this is compounded by the fact that we are also staring at screens in the evening, throwing off our sleep cycles not to mention the fact that we are being also being barraged by a torrent of negative and shocking news.

A bottle of Nerv with dinner can help calm the mind so that when bedtime rolls around, sleep can be the focus. If you are feeling tired and crawl into bed, not having to worry about the past or future makes it much easier to find the tranquility required to fall asleep. Once you wake up refreshed, you will be in much better shape to tackle the challenges of the day.


Stay focused on your work.

Work can pile up quickly and just glancing at a heap of papers from school or your job can be so intimidating that it would be easier to procrastinate and do something familiar like watch TV or play a video game. Unfortunately, this only makes the problem worse as the backlog of work continues to pile up. Once we finally buckle and sit down, we are overcome by a sheer sense of guilt, regret, and fear that distracts us from getting it done.

Nerv isn’t going to make your smarter or get any work done for you. However, rather than sitting down and melting into a puddle of dread, Nerv helps you manage feelings of stress and anxiety so that they do not distract you from getting work done.


Enjoy a romantic date.

Opening up to someone new is scary. We feel compelled to stress over how we look, what to say, and how to act fuelled by a painful past full of rejection and pain. Keeping all of this in mind can make us distractingly awkward and put a date on a crash course towards disaster. Our friends tell us to stay calm, stay cool, and just be ourselves as if we didn’t already want to do that. Of course, the trouble is getting distracted from mission impossible: suave operator by our own sense of worry and self-doubt.

Once again, all of these feelings of fear and worry stemming from our hyperactive amygdalas can be dampened by a bottle of Nerv. Try one before your next date so you can enjoy the company of meeting another beautiful soul without letting in those distracting voices of worry and self-doubt.


Ignite passion in the bedroom.

People are social beings that want to connect with each other. Intimacy in the bedroom is a celebration of two people who feel open and safe with one another. Unfortunately, the rise of technology and exposure to media as started to make people feel woefully inadequate in the eyes of their partners. Every minute action or word is stressed over lest it makes anyone uncomfortable. Fearing rejection of our most private desires can put a real damper on the passion we wish to exude.

Rather than dampening passion, try Nerv to put a dampener on that sense of fear of rejection instead. Helping people feel more confident in themselves and leaving woes and worries at the bedroom door can help ignite natural passion. Nerv can help you fear less and make you fearless!


About the author: Dr. Michael Jiang is a neuroscientist entrepreneur and co-founder and inventor of Nerv, a small healthy supplement for the management of occasional stress and anxiety. His mission is to destigmatize the conversation around mental health by offering accessible, healthy, and intuitive solutions. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of others.