Everyone could agree that it is a fact that people today are navigating more information, social media, news, and technology than anyone in the past. This has lead to feelings of stress and business that are taking a greater and greater toll on our physical and mental health. Some of the most valuable industries on the planet have created products that help us thrive with less sleep and longer work hours. These companies’ products all have one thing in common: caffeine. The constant use this stimulant is creating a war of balance in brain chemicals where both sides are losing.

On the other side of that war exists a 250 billion dollar industry with over 10,000 players in the United States alone where their core product has remained the same for over 4000 years. In this industry, scientific innovation has not been leveraged since the age of the Enlightenment. That is the alcohol industry and the balance between the use of uppers and downers where a byproduct of the direction we are headed is a massive and unending rise in anxiety and stress-related disorders.

The brain works much like a computer via a series of on and off switches. In the brain, glutamate is the primary on-switch and is always balanced by GABA, the primary off-switch. We also have a system of checks and balances to make sure the two have relatively equal and opposing forces on one another. When something such as drinking coffee everyday chronically destabilizes this balance, the brain is put into a state of constant stimulation resulting in perpetual feelings of stress and anxiety. So how can we expect your average person experiencing this anxiety of which there are more than 40 million in the United States alone to effectively balance their brain chemistry? How can we expect businesses to effectively create solutions to help balance the brain? Well, currently, the primary product people turn to for stress relief is booze.

As our lives get busier and our use of stimulants increases, so will our consumption of alcohol. Alcohol sales have experienced year over year growth as steady as inflation. Eventually, we will hit a breaking point where the burden of stimulant use is so great that we can no longer use alcohol to balance it. We already see a rise in alcoholism and abuse of prescription medications. Since these products were not designed for this purpose, they have many non-specific and undesirable effects including impairing our ability to drive, our ability to work, and over the long run, permanent damage to our bodies.

Our mission at Nerv is to develop products to help balance the brain and help people manage their stress and anxiety so that they can be at their best. We study the brain and looked for ways to specifically help balance over-stimulation in the brain. We built a new product that starts with the basic molecules found in the brain and created a custom built solution in that takes the form of an affordable, and accessible supplement and called it the Nerv shot. We boiled down balancing complex brain chemistry to a great tasting 2-ounce shot available over the counter at your local grocery store that helps restore that balance on demand.

Nerv created a supply chain of premium quality ingredients routed through cGMP standard facilities to assemble together a product that is scientifically formulated and quality assured for our customers. We then serve our products through direct the web through Amazon.com or our website or retailer such as CVS or your local grocery store.


About the author: Dr. Michael Jiang is a neuroscientist entrepreneur and co-founder and inventor of Nerv, a small healthy supplement for the management of occasional stress and anxiety. His mission is to destigmatize the conversation around mental health by offering accessible, healthy, and intuitive solutions. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of others.