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Nerv+ Liquid Zen, Our original shot contains a combination of nutritional supplements that help restore the minerals and nutrients that are depleted in the brain from stress. 

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Our Story

Nerv+ is founded on the principle that we need better mental health and wellness solutions and that they are a human right for all.

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A non-protein amino acid that crosses the blood-brain barrier, exerting various neurophysiological and pharmacological effects


Essential to good mental and physical health.

B-vitamin complex:

Improves ratings of stress, mental health, vigor and improved cognitive performance during intense mental processing.

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Helped me relax and get a full, deep night of sleep!


I took it 1 hour before my exam on an empty stomach. It helped me stay focused and calmed for an 8 hour test.


It wasn’t very strong but it did have a mild relaxing effect. Nice to have on really stressful days.


Gave this out to clients instead of chocolates & candy....big hit for business meetings & Clients~

Simone C.

I have found that I can also just drink 1/2 a bottle. Tend to sleep very well after.


"Looking forward to keeping my secret weapon stocked and feeling prepared to take on even the most hectic of work days!"


"I suffer from anxiety when in stressful situations" and "it works for me"

Wes Franciol

It’s very sweet but does what it advertises.

Maria Thacker Goethe